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All you need to know - what is a hospital plan?

Essential Med is concerned about your health and we will see to all you and your family’s health insurance requirements. We will ensure that when you sign up with us, you know what is a hospital plan and how it can cater to your specific health insurance needs. If you are still asking yourself What is a hospital plan then with Essential Med you are in good hands.


Let’s discuss health cover!

Essential Med has comprehensive health cover that will take care of all your health needs. Falling ill or being injured is an unplanned event and few have the budget needed to cover the costs of doctors or hospitals. It is for this reason that we offer you hospital cover health insurance for the times that you need to be admitted to hospital.


What is health insurance?

Here at Essential Med, we understand your health needs and that some things that happen in life are unforeseen and cannot be budgeted for in advance. That is why Essential Med is here for you. You may wonder what is a hospital plan or rather what is health insurance. We promise to answer these questions for you and many more you may have as we show you our products and packages at competitive rates.


Be a member at Essential Med now.

Getting insured with a health care plan is as important as taking care of health.  No matter how healthy you seem to be, there will be instances that accidents happen and you end up with huge hospital bills because you have no health cover. So, before it’s too late, you should start looking for the best health care plans now.


At Essential Med we offer hospital plans to suit you

Hospital healthcare insurance, or better known as hospital plans, are all the range amongst those who do not wish to take our comprehensive healthcare insurance, but rather have cover for if they end up in a hospital. At Essential Med there are a number of options to choose from, which our consultants will gladly discuss with you so that you can make an informed decision.


Our hospital cover health insurance

Our hospital cover health insurance is one of the packages we have come up with, just for you. At Essential Med we realize that life’s eventualities like an illness can come with you unprepared and unaware. We have decided to take care of that for you. We have ensured that even when you are in hospital, you continue with your life as usual, without suffering any financial setbacks. This is what our hospital cover health insurance is designed for.


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